CPUC Grid Storage Rules

CaliforniaBy 2020, California will have enough grid storage to power nearly a million homes (1.3GW). This is required by the CPUC’s decision this month that was set in motion by California Assembly Bill 2514 (AB 2514) in 2010.

The decision requires that the state’s utilities must begin buying energy storage by 2014 from California’s current 35 megawatts to a target of 1.3 gigawatts of energy storage by the end of 2020. This is the largest target currently in the world.
This decision will help offset the risks of an ever increasing load on the state’s power grid, making blackouts less likely and improving the ability to support renewable resources.

A notable point of this decision by the utilities commission is that they do not specify what kind of storage is to be brought online – making many approaches including V2G candidates for achieving the targeted storage capacity.

EVGrid continues to develop and produce these technologies and is excited to be located in a state that is poised to lead the world in energy storage. Here’s to an electric future!

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