EVgo & UCSD Second-life Energy Storage + Level 3 EV Charging wins ESNA Innovation Award!

EVGrid is honored to be one of the winners of the 2016 ESNA Innovation Awards!

The EVgo program in conjunction with NRG and UCSD, is intended to demonstrate the cost savings of buffering the high power demands of EV charging at the station in La Jolla, CA.

“DC Fast Charging plus storage presents an exciting opportunity for drivers and charging companies alike. This project has the potential to shortcut some of the barriers facilities face when looking to install DC Fast Charging stations by reducing operating costs, improving charging service and convenience for EV drivers, and ultimately can help to put more electric vehicles on the road,” said Terry O’Day, Vice President, Product Strategy and Market Development at EVgo

The EVgo SSPEC system utilized 2 50KW EVGrid second life battery packs, to provide energy storage. Local management controllers manage service demand from the BTC chargers, power input from the PV cells and the battery storage to minimize the impact on grid demands for charging. This offsets the demand charges and allows control of the operational costs.

The project is part of the CPUC Technology Demonstration Program, a program designed to help demonstrate the benefits of energy storage coupled with public DC Fast Charging stations.

We were fortunate to have the support of many key companies in making this happen. This included BTC Power who provided the charging stations and Ideal Power who provided the 30KW inverters. Also EVgo and Kisensum who provided the management interface. Thanks to everyone for a great project!

More information on the 2016 finalists can be found here.

UCSD News Release

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