Tom Gage presents V2G in Taiwan

Tom Gage travels to Taiwan to present on V2G and EV technologies.

ABSTRACT – Advanced communications and controls can allow electric vehicles to provide valuable benefits to the grid. Without such controls, EVs can create serious problems at the distribution level.

Ultimately, realizing the benefits of electric vehicles depends on effective integration of the vehicles with the power grid. The benefits of electric propulsion for automobiles include reduced emission of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gases, greater utilization of renewable energy for transportation, and reduced reliance on petroleum which can improve energy security and trade balance.

The technological feasibility of the benefits is already established. The potential and value of these benefits varies by country and region, and depends on policies, regulations, economic factors, and importantly, how the EV fleet is integrated with the operation of the power grid. The effects of vehicle-grid integration are compound. First, the energy mix and efficiency of the grid directly affect the environmental and energy impact of EV use.

Second, infrastructure, rates and tariffs, and communications and control between the vehicle and the grid will determine in part, the success of EV commercialization and thus the ultimate scale of the energy and environmental benefit.

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