Grid on Wheels project wins 2013 ESNA Mobility Award

The Grid on Wheels project in partnership with EV Grid is the first time in the world that electric vehicles will be connected to a power grid with the opportunity to earn revenues. Recently Energy Storage North America has honored the project with a mobility innovation award:

“The winners of the ESNA Innovation Award are symbolic of the commercial traction and opportunity that exists today in North America,” said Janice Lin, Managing Partner of Strategen Consulting and Co Founder of the California Energy Storage Alliance. “The award attracted an impressive range of projects, all of which make money by performing market services for the grid, such as frequency regulation, load shifting or spinning reserve. And regardless of geography, megawatt size or application, what’s quite clear is that energy storage is the economic key that unlocks the potential of renewables and solves the challenges of creating a dynamic and flexible grid.”


EVGrid is a partner with BMW for the implementation of V2G using the MINI E in the United States.

Other partners on the project are:

  • NRG Energy is a fortune 250 company with $9 billion in revenue with major operations in the Northeast US, Texas, and California.
  • University of Delaware has developed and tested Vehicle to Grid technology through the Center for Carbon-Free Power Integration
  • Auto Port Inc is involed with the conversion and service of the BMW Mini E in the Tri-State area.
  • PJM is a regional power grid operator for 13 states in the eastern US who has created new markets for storage technologies and has supported the University of Delaware’s V2G research.
  • Milbank Manufacturing is a licensee of the V2G technology and invested int he manufacturing and development of the EVSE for use in the project.
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